Nursing home visits

The Art Of NHV

The following views are subjectively Tim's. They may not be correct, or you may not need to agree with them. But they can be served as references for us.

Strictly speaking, the main purpose of our nhvs is to show our care to the residents. Since music is an easy and effective way for people to mingle and communicate, we naturally like to present music programs to them. So, showing our care, first. Music, 2nd.

Within this frame of mind, we should make an effort to mingle with the residents. A shake of hands is worth 100 cares; a hug is worth 1000 loves. Try not to cluster among volunteers ourselves during the visits.

To claim that I never lie is itself a lie. Similarly, to claim that we have zero urge of showing our "talents" in front of an audience is itself a hypocricy. On the other hand, however, harboring too strong a desire to show off is clearly an unhealthy mentality. Speaking for myself, I must constantly remind myself: no big deal, no big deal, many many people out on the streets are capable of doing the same or surely better than I am.

Theoretically, we should prepare our performances for NHVs as sincerely as if we are going to present them formally on the stage in Carnegie Hall. We should not harbor a mentality, " Hey, this program is free. What do you expect?" Take a bow prior to, and after, our performances.

Finally, during the performances by other fellow volunteers, we should try to refrain ourselves from making noises or carrying out conversations as hard as possible. This refraining is to show our respect to the audience as well as to the performers.