Monthly Regular Schedule

Please feel free to contact Tim at if you are interested in joining visits with us.

In general, in terms of providing our elderly audience with entertaining effects, dancing may be the best. Singing is better than instrument playing; and duet is better than solo.

In singing, old popular love songs in 1920s-1940s are the best. Popular hymns, folk songs, or very popular after-1950 songs are also appreciated. But they usually do not draw responses as enthusiastic as those during 1920s-1940s do. Songs after 1970s may be liked by performers themselves, but rarely excite the NH audience.

Other types of non-musical performances are also warmly welcome. Gongfu, story telling, aerobics, magic tricks, standing-comedian jokes/acts, among others, are good examples. If you can bring your well-behaved dogs or cats for patting and love sharing, that will be wonderful, too.