Songs We Sang, Sing, And Will Sing

These mp3 files of songs were recorded during our nursing home visits, fund-raising concerts, and rehearsals held in the past. They are categorized according to their characteristics as shown below. Through listening to them, we hopefully will be able to become aware of, and identify, our own shortcomings, and thus improve our music skills.

It is highly possible that one year from today we will feel embarrassed over our current performances, as I sometimes feel embarrassed about my own performances done two years ago. It is normal and gratifying if we will.

In my life journey, nothing gives me more joy than being able to improve, be it in my job performance, piano playing, singing, board games, or cooking.

This song list will continue to grow, as we grow in our music skills, as we share the music and our joy with the elderly residents in nursing homes, and as we raise more funds for unfortunate people around the world.

Whenever anybody has improved, and thus feel embarrassed over her own performances recorded in the past, and wish to remove or replace them, please feel free to notify Tim. :)

Popular Hymns

singing: Grace Hong, guitar: William Hong
role models for mothers and sons
Lee, Stephanie, Addison, Tim
The homeless people seemed to have enjoyed this upbeat hymn.
Alayne, Raishay, Tim
a sophisticated hymn by a sophisticated lady
Lee, Stephanie, Tim
Stephanie surely has been guided, judging from the improvement of her singing.
Lee, Stephanie, Tim
Many's favorite hymn
Lee, Stephanie, Addison, Tim
If the divine's eye is watching over sparrows, and providing them with worms, it will be watching over us, too, (as long as we behave)
Paul, Ellen
absolutely sensational, deserving a standing ovation
Lee, Grace, Raishay, Tim
consisting of "Beyond The Sunset", "When I Survey The Wondrous Cross", "O Worship The King", "O How I Love Jesus", "Faith Of Our Father", and "Just A Closer Walk With Thee". Because either the recorder was placed too closely to Tim, or Tim got too excited, his voice was a bit too loud. Sorry. :)
Anna, Ming-Sheng, Addison, Raishay, Tim
sooo proud of Anna
Claudia, Tim
This performance was recorded at Burke NH. The recorder was placed very far away from the piano. Thus the piano accompaniment was barely audible. Yet when we listen to the overall result, we do not seem to miss the piano sound, suggesting that the volume of the accompaniment sound sometimes may be greatly reduced. I am not sure. More experiments must be conducted to find out the best combination.
Lee, Grace, Tim
See, when we give others roses, our hands are left with residual fragrance. When we help others, we are helped. I met Lee at a serving dinner for amputee veterans. Ever since, Tzuchi singing volunteers including myself have been blessed with Lee's guitar playing.
Leo, Claudia, Tim
Because of this hymn, I love all the hymns composed by John Peterson
Leo, Claudia, Tim, Ellen
Leo, Claudia, Tim, Ellen
inside SG1 dining hall, which seems to render good resonance sound effects, though the piano is a beat-up
Leo, Tim, Ellen
need a female voice

American Folk Songs (generally composed prior to 1900)

Leo, Rui, Sharice, Tim
Sharice's flute playing was a wonderful addition.
Amy Wang, Stephanie, Ming-Sheng, Raishay, Tim
Harmonizing has proved to be a difficult job.
Christina, Yvonne, and Elissa
a simple melody, yet done beautifully

short and sweet
Lee, Stephanie, Tim

Sweet Nostalgic Oldies

These songs generally appeared in 1920s, 30s, and 40s. But not later than 1950.

Sheng-Pang, Tim
Sheng-Pang's violin playing is precise, as it has been always. Tim's piano touch should be softer next time.

Hand-Clapping Sing-Along Cheers

Leo and others, Tim
Sometimes singing in unison by a group can sound nice if one voice is dominant and confident, and other singers are willing to support it by singing with much lower voices. But if everybody wants to sing equally loud, the result can sound chaotic.
Leo, Lee, Stephanie, Claudia, Tim
Lee, Stephanie, Tim
consisting of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star", "This Little Light Of Mine", and "This Land Is Your Land

Musical-Show Favorites

Grace, Ellen
Andrew Lloyd Webber will be very proud of Grace.
Leo, Tim
Claudia, Lilian, Tim
Eugene, Tim
Eugene sang the highest note with ease
Leo, Amy Shi
Ladies, you are forewarned. Also, Amy did a great improvization job on piano.

Popular Hits After 1950

moms in Little Sunshine group
a lovely song, especially those soft ornament phrases
a staff member at Northern Virginia Mental Institute, and Tim
She sang this impromptu for the audience
Leo, Lee
Little Sunshine Group
Leo, Rui
Eugene, Tim
Eugene, Tim
Eugene, Tim
Leo, Rui, Tim

Xmas Carols

Lee, Stephanie, Tim
Jane, James, Leo, Tim, Ellen
Leo, Rui, Tim, Ellen
Susan (flute), Tim

Classical Muisc And Operatic Songs

a lovely flute solo
Jane, James, Tim
Sheng-Pang (violin), Claudia, Lillian, Tim
This performance was recorded in Claudia's house during our first rehearsal. The result turned out to be better than our formal performance for the Sully seniors after rehearsing a few times. It is strange and interesting that such a situation happened.
Claudia, Lilian, Tim, Sheng-Pang (piano)
adopted from Beethoven's #9 symphony
Sheng-Pang, Tim
Sunny and Crystal
a beautiful piano duet
Stephanie Shao

Chinese Songs

Claudia, Lilian, Tim
Claudia, Lilian, Tim
a popular Chinese love song, which can be suitably sung in the wedding